Who We Are?

In today’s rapidly changing world, TURKEN Foundation believes that through education our youth will take charge of their own future as well as the common ideals we all cherish.
Established in 2014 as a not-for-profit organization, TURKEN Foundation seeks to provide quality educational atmosphere for the Muslim Youth in the United States.
TURKEN Foundation aims to promote a culture of dialogue and mutual understanding between students through education to start a conversation that will ultimately strengthen and inform future international relations

Our Vision

Mission of the TURKEN Foundation is to help prepare an outstanding educational atmosphere for students, scholars and researchers. To enable students, scholars and researchers to realize both their full potential and the available services offered by the countries in which they may study and live. To try to solve any kind of problem which occurs during their education period. To Establish higher education dormitories in order to meet the accommodation and daily needs of university students.

Our Mission

TURKEN Foundation is a not-for- profit organization which aims

To adapt the newcomer students to Western culture, life, cities and institutions,

• To find and recommend appropriate universities, colleges and/or other related educational institutions in accordance with the students’ backgrounds and their future goals,

• To prepare a convenient climate for the newcomer to advance and make the student’s studies more effective,

• To improve student’s life in a changing and complex global society,

• To fulfill the students’ needs for housing, transportation, communication and the related requirements for their education